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Root Cellar

The Root Cellar has an extensive collection of genealogical materials. This room is located in the lower level of the library.

Genealogy is the study of family history and the discovery of one's roots. Tracing your family's ancestry takes basic research skills, patience and time. Where do you start? Easy - at the beginning - with your generation. Then just keep working backwards - generation by generation.

Getting Started!

Begin with a basic family outline such as an Ancestor chart. Use a pencil as it's easier to make corrections and additions when you find new information.
Organize your data as you go along. Take good notes and keep records of the resources you use. This will save time and avoid repetition as you continue your research in libraries, archives and county courthouses.

The Clinton Public Library's genealogy collection is housed in the Main Library's Root Cellar. Materials in this collection do not circulate.

The Library's collection contains more than 1,300 titles including bound volumes, microfilm, microfiche, compact discs, and periodicals.

The Clinton Public Library's genealogy resources include censuses (Iowa 1850 - 1930), death indexes for the City of Clinton; local obituary indexes and city directories; passenger lists; county histories; cemetery, church, courthouse, and military records; biographical indexes; family histories; books on names (both personal and geographical); and heraldry books. Some materials are available for other regions of the United States.

The Root Cellar has Ancestry Library Edition and Heritage Quest Online available to use in the library. Additional computerized genealogical information is available through the World Wide Web. Computer work stations are available in the Root Cellar.

Library staff will assist you in learning to use the extensive resources of the Clinton Public Library as you embark on your voyage of exploration and discovery into your family's past.